… the art of a life well lived …

Business Partnership Design Development

Our design & development team works with owners to create spaces and ideas where the essence of the Art of Living Well is at the core of our strategy to insure success for our owners and developers.

In approaching the issue of partnership, we work towards solutions that will deliver the following:-

  • Terms that insure a long-term relationship
  • We look to be consistently grow with owners to produce superior returns in all areas.
  • Using the best of technology to maximize human connection in all our properties.
  • World-class comfort
  • Experience Creation & focus on strong community ties.
  • Qualitative training and positive environment for staff in order to minimize turnover in a value of business built on trust with responsibility.

We look forward to learning about your project!
For an appointment please contact

Christopher E. Stafford / Founder & CEO
The Orient & Occident Company
T: +66-81-7634199 (Thailand)
T: 46-73-8218609 (Sweden)
Email: Chris@orient-and-occident.com

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